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Dear Valued Client and Friend,

Hello fit buddy! I'm looking for more motivated clients just like you. I figure the best place to start looking is in your network of friends and family; People you already know truly trust you and most certainly respect your suggestions and recommendations.

As you begin to think of someone who could benefit from this free newsletter and/or my services, what people would suddenly come to your mind now? How many can you begin to think of?

Can you think of a friend who has mentioned that they are interested in improving their health and fitness level? Or a coworker who has commented about your great results? Or even a family member who needs that extra push to get started? Or someone you know has mentioned or needs to lose weight?

Whoever it is, pay it forward and please send them my way. They will truly appreciate it and you will be helping them enhance and improve the quality of their life. Just imagine how good they will feel when their health is improved and their life is suddenly changed.

Here's your chance to help your friends achieve their health, fitness, and weight loss goals and to help me grow my business.


Here's How  You Can Help

Please simply fill out the referral form below and I'll forward your friend(s) a copy of my health and fitness newsletter and offer them the opportunity to become a valued client just like you. As a lifelong reward, I will always to my BEST to help you in any way I can.

Just in case you didn't know, I gladly serve clients World Wide!
You can get help from me as a Weight Loss Coach.

Thank you so much! God bless you my friend!


Kel Silas, EXtreme Personal Fitness

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